An experienced professional

Pascale Blunier

Movement is her life and PilatesFlows is the result of years of professional activity. Independent for over 30 years and perfectly trilingual, Pascale Blunier is fascinated by developing the holistic nature of her classes. A Pilates teacher as well as a trained physiotherapist who knows osteopathic techniques, her foundation is exceptionally solid. She also puts to use the newest discoveries in fascia research. A citizen of Biel and mother of two daughters, she already accompanies numerous people in bodywork. Also top-notch gymnasts, dancers, swimmers and track and field athletes trust her. A former dancer, her feeling for choreography rounds out her capacities.


“Gentle but also challenging“

“I suffered back pain for 20 years. Since attending Pascale’s Pilates classes, I take almost no medication at all.”

Brigitte Dick, executive administrator


“I was a top-notch athlete and pushed my body to its limits. As a result, I had various aches. Now I do the “well-being sport”-- Pilates -- and I feel much healthier.”

Cathy Pfahrer


“Pascale reminds me of a pianist: she knows exactly which “key” of the “piano-body” to press to harmonize body and mind.”



“For me Pilates with Pascale is like a fountain of youth. The pain that followed my hip operation has nearly disappeared.”

Gotlind Widmer, retired pharmacist


“I’ve benefitted from Pascale’s profound knowledge for more than 15 years. Thanks to her Pilates classes I’ve discovered a whole new feeling in my deeper stabilizing musculature.”

Oskar Frei, physical education teacher

What is Pilatesflows?


Pilatesflows is YOUR place to be for pain relief, rehabilitation, and a strong and healthy body. Thanks to the 30 years of experience by physical therapist and Pilates instructor Pascale the courses on are specifically designed to address the underlying structural imbalances that lead to pain by working from the inner to outer muscles.